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  • (包装食品的)保存期限


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  1. Case , what is the shelf life on an ice - skater
  2. They hae no nutritional alue but are included simply to extend the shelf life of food
  3. Please keep it in a clean and dry at ambient temperature and away from moisture and heavily aromatic material . the shelf life is 12 months
    请存放室温条件下,存放在在干净,干燥处,远离水分和浓香原料。货架期: 12个月。
  4. Processing also extends the shelf life of some foods and protects other types of foods from being contaminated by microbes that cause food poisoning
  5. : effectively restrain the fading of fruit - flavored and carbonated beverages caused by sunshine , high temperature and other factors , and extend the shelf life of products

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