the pebble and the penguin meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "the pebble and the penguin" in a sentence
  • 企鹅与水晶
  • pebble:    n. 1.细砾,砾,卵石,石子。 2 ...
  • penguin:    n. 1.【动物;动物学】企鹅。 2 ...
  • penguin is:    彭古因群岛
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  1. The adeli penguins ' mating ritual is so romantic that warner brothers have made a movie about it , aptly called the pebble and the penguin
    埃德里企鹅浪漫的结婚仪式使得华纳兄弟影片公司特地为它们拍了一部电影,名子很贴切地叫做“鹅卵石和企鹅” 。

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