the head cook meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "the head cook" in a sentence
  • 总厨师
  • head:    n. 1.头,头部,首。 2.头脑, ...
  • cook:    n. 库克〔姓氏〕。
  • head cook:    大厨; 首席厨师
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  1. All alpatitchs satellites , the counting - house clerk , the servants cook and the head cook , two old women , a foot - boy , a coachman , and various other servants saw him off
  2. The count , in his dressing - gown , was continually walking up and down in the big hall , seeing the club manager , the celebrated feoktista , and the head cook , and giving them instructions relative to asparagus , fresh cucumbers , strawberries , veal , and fish , for prince bagrations dinner

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