the greens meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "the greens" in a sentence
  • 格林一家人
  • green:    n. 1.格林〔姓氏〕。 2.Joh ...
  • greens:    鸡油菜心; 凉拌青菜; 绿党; 绿叶 ...
  • australian greens:    澳大利亚绿党; 澳大利亚清绿党
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  1. The cart creaked across the green .
  2. The greens are full of fibres that you can 't chew .
  3. We 'll never give the green light to gambling ..
  4. I hope to have seen him on the green to-night .
  5. The green hat stares out unpleasantly .

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