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  • 债务融资
  • debt:    n. 1.借款,欠款,债务,债。 2 ...
  • finance:    n. 1.财政,金融,财政学。 2. ...
  • debt finance:    外借资金
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  1. According to trade - off theory , the level of the debt financing is unduly high , so the companies should try to lower the financial leverage in order to increase their market values
  2. The analysis shows that ( 1 ) the debt financing strategy is mainly influenced by long - term asset growth ratio , short - term asset growth ratio , equity growth ratio and velocity of account receivable
    分析表明: ( 1 )上市公司的债务融资策略主要受上市公司的长期资产增长率、流动资产增长率、权益增长率和应收账款周转率影响。
  3. Based on panel date of listed companies during 2002 - 2005 , analyzing the factors affecting the debt financing structures shows : external conditions , as well as internal ones , affect the debt structures of listed companies
    摘要使用2002 - 2005年上市公司的面板数据对上市公司负债融资结构的影响因素研究发现:除一些企业内部的具体因素影响了企业的债务结构外,企业外部环境因素也影响了企业的债务结构。
  4. Based on the research of the vanguards in this field , i creatively analyzed the problems of the composition of the debt financing , interest disbursement and capitalized interest , and then made some adjustment accordingly to make the research more reasonable and more realistic
  5. In china in order to bring the debt financing into play effectively , it is necessary to reform the enterprise ' s property right system , to rebuild the relationship between bank and enterprise , to do the best to develop and to perfect the bond market , to establish a debt - guarding mechanisms
    5 、在我国要想充分发挥企业债权融资的积极作用,必须进行我国国有企业产权制度创新、重塑银企关系、大力发展和完善我国企业债券市场、建立偿债保障机制。

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