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  • 存在的勇气
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  1. Only those who respect themselves have the courage to be humble
  2. The courage to be
  3. They need room to grow , and , what s more , the courage to be equipped for taking on challenges
  4. Then everyone would want to become a master because of this and not have the courage to be a human , thinking that one can avoid one s responsibilities or avoid human suffering
  5. U have given me the courage to be all that i can , and i truly feel your heart will lead u back to me when you ' re ready to land
    你已破茧而出,所以,展开翅膀准备飞吧,不顾一切地飞向你的太阳(理想) 。当你决定着陆的时候,你会看到我还在原地等你。所以,放心飞吧,我的(小)蝴蝶。

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