the country of origin meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "the country of origin" in a sentence
  • 原产国
  • country:    n. 1.国家;国土;(全)国民,民 ...
  • origin:    n. 1.开始,发端;根源,起源;起 ...
  • country of origin:    出发国; 货物原产国; 来源国; 生 ...
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  1. Study on the law meaning of the country of origin
  2. Reliable and efficient delivery in one or two days , depending on the country of origin
  3. " geographical region " basically reflects the country of origin of the issuer of the investment
  4. On the regulations of the country of origin from the dispute of the adverse balance of trade between china and america
  5. In the country of origin of the border collie , great britain , large flocks of sheep are kept all over the country
    在边境牧羊犬的原产地? ?大不列颠,到处都是大量的羊群。

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