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  • 垂钓大全
  • 钓客清话
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  1. They said the caretaker of the compleat angler , julian brown , was presumed dead . brown , said to be in his 60s , alerted the inn ' s sole guest , who escaped though a window , but then disappeared
  2. The early morning blaze leveled the wooden inn in alice town and destroyed photographs and hemingway memorabilia , police said . they said the caretaker of the compleat angler , julian brown , was presumed dead
    据路透社1月16日报道, 13日清晨大火烧着了这家位于爱莉丝镇的木屋客栈,烧毁了屋内存放的部分历史照片和海明威大事记。
  3. A fire destroyed the ernest hemingway museum and the compleat angler bar on friday on the bahamian island of bimini , one of the american novelist ' s 1930s haunts during the days he stalked big game fish
    位于巴哈马的比迷尼岛上的欧内斯特海明威博物馆以及开设博物馆的“钓客大全” compleat angler近日在一场大火中被夷为平地。
  4. On december 19 , 11 residents were among 20 people killed when a chalk ' s ocean airways seaplane plunged into the sea in miami ' s shipping channel . hemingway drank at the compleat angler between fishing trips in his vessel pilar in search of marlin , wahoo and sailfish in the pristine waters around bimini
  5. His novel " the old man and the sea " was said to be inspired by his fishing exploits in the bahamas and cuba , and he worked on " to have and have not " in bimini . the hemingway legend became a major draw and the compleat angler created a museum which included hundreds of photographs and artifacts of the author

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