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  • 大灾裂,喀利亚古时候一次巨大的自然灾难/《玛替恩的历史故事》
  • breaking:    n. 1.破坏;损伤;中断;折断;【 ...
  • breaking in:    开始生产; 敲陷; 试车; 试运转磨 ...
  • breaking-in:    1.【电学】插入;滚动,碾平。 2. ...
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  1. She heard the tinkle of the broken lens .
  2. I 'll write a letter during the break .
  3. Water spouted from the break of the pipe .
  4. Now we say that the breaks are off .
  5. Mason was seated on the broken front steps .

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