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  • 早餐俱乐部
  • breakfast:    n. 早餐;早餐食物。 at bre ...
  • club:    n. 1.棍棒;(马球等的)球棒;【 ...
  • at breakfast:    在吃早餐的时候; 在吃早饭时; 早餐 ...
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  1. Fortunately , the breakfast club was there to help her , confidentially
  2. It ' s iike the breakfast club , where they get stoned and make confessions
  3. Members from the previous year , teachers , and counselors select students for the breakfast club
  4. The original members of the breakfast club have decided to provide help in serving breakfast on saturday mornings . special thanks to angela wang and the club members
  5. There she met dan gilroy and , back in new york , the pair formed club band the breakfast club . madonna played drums and sang with the band before setting up emmy in 1980 with detroit - born drummer steve bray
    父亲是一名工程师,母亲是一位家庭主妇,麦当娜是家中8个孩子中最大的女孩, 6岁时她的母亲患乳癌去世。

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