the break-up meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "the break-up" in a sentence
  • 拆伙情缘
  • 拆夥情缘
  • 分手男女
  • 同床异梦/离婚不分手
  • break:    vt. (broke, 〔古语〕 b ...
  • up:    adv. (superl. uppe ...
  • break it up:    停止谈天
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  1. The break-up of the film or cap is no doubt caused by the collapse into drops of a sheet of liquid .
  2. The break - up with ale ' s hit him hard
  3. The actors met while filming " the break - up " in 2005
  4. And i tell you ; this little problem sometimes causes the break - up of marriages
  5. Afghanistan ' s role in transforming central asian geopolitics after the break - up of the soviet union

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