the air i breathe meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "the air i breathe" in a sentence
  • 我呼吸的空气
  • air:    n. 1.空气,大气。 2.天空,空 ...
  • i:    pron. (pl. we ) 〔人 ...
  • breathe:    vi. 1.呼吸。 2.活着,生存; ...
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  1. Thank you for being closer to me than the air i breathe
  2. You are the air i breathe
  3. Mixed with the air i breathed ; and besides , i remembered i had once been her husband - that recollection was then , and is now , inexpressibly odious to me ; moreover , i knew that while she lived i could never be the husband of another and better wife ; and , though five years my senior her family and her father had lied to me even in the particular of her age , she was likely to live as long as i , being as robust in frame as she was infirm in mind

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