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    (pl. those )
    1.〔指示代名词〕(a)〔指眼前的、说过的事物或人,又指比较 this 稍微远一点的〕那;那个东西;那件事情;那个人。 What is that? 那是什么? T- is what I want to know. 那就是我想知道的事情。 Who is that in the parlour? 客厅里的那个人是谁? Which will you have, this or that? 你要哪个,这个还是那个? (b)〔用作关系代+More...
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  1. That will add strength to your argument .
  2. I have heard that he has been married before ..
  3. The drawer is so tight that i can't open it .
  4. That was a very large and whiskered man .
  5. That country was drained of its resources .

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