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  1. Instrumentation developed includes : “ brain radio stimulators , . . . and an optoelectric sensor for telemetry . . . combining multichannel stimulator and eeg telemetric instrument ; transdermal stimoceivers , totally implantable for two - way communication with the brain through the intact skin ; and implantable microprocessor for detection of eeg signals which are used to trigger contingent brain stimulation . . . . and establishment of artificial neuronal links with the aide of the computer . ” ? j . m . r
    仪器的发展包括: “大脑无线电信号刺激器, …和一个为远程监测的光电传感器…结合多波段的刺激器和脑电图遥感监测设备;皮肤刺激接收器,总的双向的植入方法是,与大脑沟通通过未受损的皮肤;以及植入微处理器以监测脑电图信号,这被用于时不时进行大脑刺激…并通过电脑的协助,建立人为的神经联系。 ”

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