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  • 是茶水


  1. The best drink in the world is tea ! ! ! tea tea tea ! !
  2. The longjing tea tea - growing region distributes in " the spring , summer , fall , and winter prosperity , the sleet clear cloudyrespectively reveals wonderfully " ' the hangzhou xihu scenic spot , theclear waters and green hills , the scenery is all pleasant
    龙井茶区分布于“春夏秋冬皆好景,雨雪晴阴各显奇” ’的杭州西湖风景区,山青水秀,景色宜人。
  3. And have the tea knowledge of the profession , the service quantity of the tea art building , attain 100 ask not to be disgusted with , the enthusiasm answer , taking tea tea culture , at the time of selling the tea the healthy advantage tells the guest to develop the faithful consumer with this
  4. Tea culture in china has a very long history as a symbol of a refined taste and culture . if such can be used on a set of exquisite stone carvings to tea tea ware . at home , in the office , in the perhaps some commercial establishments , that but of fun tiancheng , particularly happy things . better able to reflect the broad and profound chinese tea culture
  5. Product synopsis : in 2006 new product , this product uses deposits manyyear ripe teas tea to mix spells steams presses becomes , contoursmooth even , the feeling in the mouth is suitable slides , taste thickstrong , chen fragrant is pure , prolonged bears soaks , is thecourageous sea tea reprocessing factory in creates new tea on anmagnificent feat
    产品简介: 2006年新产品,本产品采用存放多年的熟茶茶头混拼蒸压而成,外形圆滑匀整,口感顺滑,滋味浓酽,陈香纯正,经久耐泡,是勐海茶厂在创新茶品上的又一壮举

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