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  • 〔英国〕午后吃茶时的点心。
  • tea:    n. 1.茶;茶叶。 2.茶树。 3 ...
  • cake:    n. 1.饼,糕;〔古语〕扁形小面包 ...
  • cake tea:    茶砖
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  1. A0038 discus tea cake has a sharp straight edge
  2. A0062 to view this " 2004 yiwu tea cake " from another angle . it is still beautifully compressed
    A0062 2004年易武饼茶从侧面的另一角度看,工整漂亮的茶饼。
  3. A0037 zhongcha brand simplified chinese characters seven - sons tea cake traditional shape with a dome - shape hollow
  4. A0017 this is a 2004 yiwu wile tea cake . both the quality and its strong and elegant tea leaves are good . i love this tea
  5. “ well , sit down and eat your tea cake , ” said his mother . “ your stomach ' s hurting because it ' s empty . it ' ll be all right when you ' ve got something in it
    “嗯,坐下来,吃点点心。肚子痛是因为肚子空了。如果肚子里有点东西就会好的, ”妈妈说。

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