tea bush meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "tea bush" in a sentence
  • 茶树丛
  • 丁香罗勒
  • tea:    n. 1.茶;茶叶。 2.茶树。 3 ...
  • bush:    n. 布什〔姓氏〕。
  • tea bush borer:    茶树钻蛀性害虫


  1. The slopes of the hills were planted tea bushes .
  2. The slopes of the hills were planted with tea bushes .
  3. The absorption and accumulation of copper in tea bush camellia sinensis l
  4. In the regions just south of the yangzhi river , farmers cultivated mulberry trees for the leaves on which silk worms fed , as well as tea bushes and a host of other products that created extra resources and allowed for a richly diversified rural economy

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