tea and coffee meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "tea and coffee" in a sentence
  • 清茶和咖啡
  • tea:    n. 1.茶;茶叶。 2.茶树。 3 ...
  • coffee:    n. 咖啡(树、豆、粉或色)。 a ...
  • coffee and tea:    咖啡与茶


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  1. Her mind rushed away instantly to the magnificent tea and coffee service of baltimore silver which the beauforts had sent, and which "went" so perfectly with uncle lovell mingott's trays and side-dishes .
  2. Oh , yes . we have got much tea and coffee
  3. Tea and coffee are provided in our office
  4. No meal service ; however tea and coffee are free
  5. A : we have fresh juice , tea and coffee

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