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  • n.
    狭带,棉线带;卷尺;带尺;电报收报纸带;磁带,录音带;【电学】绝缘胶布;【运】决胜线上的细绳;【机械工程】传动带;【动物;动物学】条虫;〔俚语〕烈酒;〔美俚〕舌头。 red tape (扎公文文件的)红带,官样文章,文牍主义;[Red T-]威士忌酒商标。 breast the tape 赛跑得第一名。 vt.
    用带捆扎;钉上带子;用胶带粘住;【装钉】穿线钉(书);用卷尺测量;用磁带录音;〔俚语〕估量,判断(某人)。 a taped win+More...
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  1. The police seized various books and tapes .
  2. Play that jazz tape for me , please .
  3. The pwa was mired in red tape .
  4. Strips of tape covered the glass cabinets .
  5. It was copied from the first generation tape .

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