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  1. However, modified plain weaves, such as the oxford and basket, can provide greater yarn mobility than do taffeta weaves .
  2. Inner tent 190t air permeable waterproof poly taffeta
    内帐: 190t透气防泼水涤丝纺
  3. Rainfly 190t pu1500 waterproof poly taffeta
    外帐: 190t pu1500防水涤丝纺
  4. Rainfly 210t pu1800 waterproof poly taffeta
    外帐: 210t pu1800防水涤丝纺
  5. Rainfly 21t pu1800 waterproof poly taffeta
    外帐: 21t pu1800防水涤丝纺

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