tacituss meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "tacituss" in a sentence
n. 塔西佗(古罗马元老院议员)
(tacitus 的复数)
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  1. how does it relate to what you have encountered in tacitus, suetonius, the res gestae
  2. a similar assertion is made by the roman historian tacitus in the book 5 of his histories
  3. tacitus, elsewhere in his histories, refers to christianity when alluding to the burning of the temple of jerusalem in a . d . 70
  4. since your papers are intended to be written largely from ancient sources, your citations will most frequently be to the likes of suetonius or tacitus
  5. tacitus'nero is a literary figure, rather than the casual result of impartial historical reconstruction .'discuss this claim with reference to books 13-16 of tacitus, annals

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