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  1. His taciturnity was unbroken .
  2. It was only a substantial meal that could induce in him even a passing taciturnity .
  3. On the feeling that is in me and him , he indicated timohin , and every soldier . prince andrey glanced at timohin , who was staring in alarm and bewilderment at his colonel . in contrast to his usual reserved taciturnity , prince andrey seemed excited now
  4. She had obviously not heard anything to her advantage : and it seemed to me , from her prolonged fit of gloom and taciturnity , that she herself , notwithstanding her professed indifference , attached undue importance to whatever revelations had been made her
  5. My cousins , full of exhilaration , were so eloquent in narrative and comment , that their fluency covered st . john s taciturnity : he was sincerely glad to see his sisters ; but in their glow of fervour and flow of joy he could not sympathise

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