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  • t:    中世纪罗马数字的160。
  • vector:    n. 1.【数学】向量,矢量,动径。 ...
  • no vector:    无雷达引导
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  1. Then the pcr product was purified , ligated into pgem - t vector by ta cloning
  2. The pcr product was cloned into pmd18 - t vector . the positive recombinant clone was identified by pcr and endonuclease digest
  3. The product of pcr named vp6 is approximate 1 . 3kb in length . the vp6 gene was cloned into pmd18 - t vector and sequenced
    将其插入克隆载体质粒pmd18 - t的ecorv酶切位点处,构建重组质粒pmd18 - t ? vp6 。
  4. Pgem - t vector system , jm109 competent cells , reverse transcription kit and in vitro translation kit were purchased from promega company
    Pgem一t载体,感受态细菌jm109 ,反转录试剂盒和体外翻译试剂盒均购自promega公司。
  5. 2 . pcr products can be purified by ctab method , which removing the dntp and primers . the purified products can be used in the ligation reaction to pmd18 - t vector with high efficiency
    2 、采用ctab进行pcr产物的纯化,以去除pcr产物中的引物和dntp ,所得产物可用于与t载体连接反应,以提高连接效率。

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