t shaped meaning in Chinese

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  • t形的
  • t:    中世纪罗马数字的160。
  • shape:    n. 1.形状;样子;形态;外形;模 ...
  • shaped:    (面包)模的;模制的; 成型的; 丁 ...
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  1. This house is in the typical t shape
  2. Treatment of proximal humeral fracture with t shape external fixation frame
  3. Open reduction and t shape plate fixation for unstable fractures of distal radius
  4. T shape pressure cooker
  5. Joint of t shape : positive tread of m201 . 5 and back welded lead - pressure tube stainless steel
    “丁”字形接头: m20x1 . 5阳螺纹及后部焊接引压管不锈钢

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