t scale meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "t scale" in a sentence
  • t量表
  • t:    中世纪罗马数字的160。
  • scale:     scale3 n. 1. ...
  • be in the scale:    悬而未决, 面临紧急关头
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  1. I can t scale the ramparts on this side
    我从这边爬不上围墙哩! ”
  2. Won ' t simple design leave you with a program that won ' t scale well
  3. Although suitable for small projects , they don t support xmi and don t scale well
  4. Israel fears the arab state won ' t scale back off its nuclear ambitions unless consequences are feared
  5. File systems are fine for simple tasks , but they don t scale well when you need to cope with a large number of documents

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