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  • t跳摆电路
  • 翻转触发器
  • t:    中世纪罗马数字的160。
  • flip:    adj. (flipper, fli ...
  • flop:    vi. (-pp-) 1.鼓翼;扑拍 ...


  1. Base on the theory analysis of the superconducting rsfq digital circuit model , wrspice is used to do time domain simulation of superconducting rsfq digital circuit in this paper , and superconducting jtl , buffer , rs flip - flop , t flip - flop , and or gate are acquired
    在超导rsfq数字电路模型的理论分析基础上,论文中采用wrspice对超导rsfq数字电路进行时域仿真,得到了超导jtl传输线,缓冲器, rs触发器, t触发器,或门等基本逻辑单元电路以及电路参数。

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