syndiotactic meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "syndiotactic" in a sentence
  • 间列聚合
  • 间同立构的
  • 异位的
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  1. Polyacetaldehyde may exist in atactic, syndiotactic and isotactic forms .
  2. Specification for syndiotactic polystyrene molding and extrusion
  3. Sps standard specification for syndiotactic polystyrene molding and extrusion
  4. The aim of this thesis is in search of the catalysts which are moderate and stable for preparing mono - dispersed macroporous materials , by means of syndiotactic polymerization of styrene
    并且将部分催化剂用于苯乙烯与p -甲基苯乙烯共聚合、苯乙烯与乙烯共聚合,对材料的功能化作了初步的探讨。

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