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[ sə'plai ] Pronunciation:   "supply" in a sentence   "supply" meaning
  • vt.
    供给;供应;配给;补充,填补,弥补(不足、损失等)。 Cows supply us (with) milk. 母牛供给我们牛奶。 The cow supplies milk. 这头牛有奶。 supply the market 供应市场。 supply a demand 满足要求。 supply a want 弥补不足。 supply an office 代理职务。 supply the place of 代替。n.
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  1. Could they supply food for the guerrillas ?
  2. Time is vital as supplies are short .
  3. The demand for these goods exceeds the supply .
  4. In 1832, supply was taken for five quarters .
  5. We can use the money for supplies .

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