superimpose meaning in Chinese

[ 'sju:pərim'pəuz ] Pronunciation:   "superimpose" in a sentence   "superimpose" meaning
(把…)加在…的上面;附加,添加 (on; upon)。n.
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  1. A grid is superimposed on the region of interest .
  2. An interference field exists in space in the region where the two reflected waves are superimposed on each other .
  3. We are interested in superimposing the effects of all the elements in order to form the system matrices for the whole body .
  4. A clean bill of lading is one which bears no superimposed clauses expressly declaring a defective condition of the goods or packaging .
  5. The bundles are superimposed in several planes and interlace with one another in three planes: longitudianl, vertical and horizontal .

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