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[ 'sʌbməri:n, sʌbmə'ri:n ] Pronunciation:   "submarine" in a sentence   "submarine" meaning
  • adj.
    水下的,海中的,海底的,海生的。 a submarine armour 潜水服。 a submarine boat 潜艇。 a submarine cable 海底电线。 a submarine volcano 海底火山。n.
    潜艇;海底动物[植物];〔美国〕=hero sandwich 〔 pl. 〕 〔美俚〕脚。 an A submarine=an atomic submarine 核子潜艇。vt.
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  1. Everything on the submarine was buttoned up .
  2. The submarine was breaking into rainy night .
  3. He was a skilled submarine engineer .
  4. The submarine bottomed on the ocean floor .
  5. Submarine contours can be more complete and reliable .

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