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  • 张拉法
  • stretch:    vt. 1.伸展,伸出;展开,铺开, ...
  • method:    n. 1.方法,方式;顺序。 2.( ...
  • stretching:    绷网; 拉伸; 牵张; 伸长作用; ...
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  1. Baumgarte ray - stretching method
  2. Improvement for experiment measuring metals of young ' s modulus using stretched method
  3. Cai software development on measuring young ' s modulus of tinsel by pulling and stretching method
  4. The stretching method shows that composite asarum water decoction with nifedipine can have significant analgesic action
  5. Because of its peculianties in design and construction , gonghe cable - stayed bridge adopts the second stretching method as the cable force controlled method and succeeded at last

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