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  • 张拉力
  • 张力
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  1. The elongation of a body in tension above its no-load length is directly proportional to the stretching force .
  2. That is to say , the amount of the springback decreases with the increase of the pre - stretch force and lateral compression , and the decreasing trend is close to a linear relation , and when the lateral compression is large enough , the negative springback appears
  3. The formation dynamic mechanisms is very complicated . the uplifting and thickening of crust are the result of various causes . but the main reason is the plate subduction which is the basic cause to have the gravitation , thermo - dome and stretching force become useage
  4. This article performed an application of such means as modern test technology , computer processing system , serial ports communication and electrohydraulic proportional control technology to reform the sheetmetal combined testing machine , so that the stretching force , clamping force and the stretching length can be tested and controlled by the computer system , which greatly improved the stability and testing precision of the testing machine
  5. Self - erection system is applied to construction of most of modern large span concrete bridges . in the process of construction , cantilever beam is changing continuously because of the gravity of concrete , the stretching force , the load and temperature variation etc . in order to ensure that two cantilevers constructing opposite can normally close up and that the bridge linearity can accord with design , flexibility deformation has to be monitored

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