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  1. The focal stimulation of the stratum radiatum in the ca1 region elicited fpscs in 80 % of the neurons p6 - 7 , 90 % of p9 - 10 and 100 % of ^ pll
    局部刺激cai区辐射层,可在80o的生后6 7天, 90o的生后9 10天,以及所有生后u天以上的cai区锥体神经元引起fpscs 。
  2. However , the advance of intracellular labeling techniques enables us not only to visualize more complete dendritic arbor for qualitative analysis , but also to examine the relation between changes in the dendritic arborization and the evoked fast postsynaptic curents - 3 - ( fpscs ) in the same neurons during the postnatal development the aim of this study was to systematically examine the postnatal changes in the configuration of fpscs evoked by the focal stimulation of the stratum radiatum of the ca1 region , and the relationship between the dendritic arborization and evoked fpscs in the rat hippocampal ca1 pyramidal neurons using whole - cell blind patch recording technique combined with biocytin intracellular labeling during the postnatal development ( postnatal day 2 - 70 , p2 - p70 )
    但是,细胞内染色技术的进步使我们不仅能观察到更完整的树突分支来用于定性研究,而且也可以在同一神经元上研究在发育过程中树突分支的变化与诱发的快突触后电流( fastpostsynapticcurrents , fpscs )之间的关系。因此,本研究应用盲法脑片膜片钳记录并结合biocytin细胞内染色方法,对发育过程中(生后2 70天)局部刺激大鼠海马ca1区辐射层在锥体神经元诱发的fpscs的成分变化,以及ca1锥体神经元的树突分支与诱发的fpscs的关系进行了较为系统的研究。

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