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  • 战略飞机
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  1. Amsa advanced manned strategic aircraft
  2. " flights by other countries ' strategic aircraft continue and this creates certain problems for ensuring the security of the russian federation , " putin said
    普京继续说道: “其他国家的战略轰炸机继续在进行巡逻,这对俄罗斯联邦的安全造成了威胁。 ”
  3. " in 1992 , russia unilaterally ended flights by its strategic aircraft to distant military patrol areas . unfortunately , our example was not followed by everyone
    “早在1992年,俄罗斯就单方面结束了远距离的战略轰炸机巡逻制度。但是不幸的是,我们的好意并没有被别人接受。 ”

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