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  1. Whenever the wind blows , they tremble , and branches straight fight
  2. In a straight fight , therefore , it was the drug - sensitive strain that had the selective advantage when faced with a two - pronged attack
  3. The spaniard made the most of his opportunity when torrential rain and car failures combined to leave him in a straight fight with ferrari ' s felipe massa
  4. Shao - lin hawk ' s claw says : straight fighting , like a person fight a wolf , fighting straightly , getting it ' s head , if wolf kickback , the person beats its vitals and cause it to die
    《少林鹰派拳谱》云: “硬打硬进法,如人与狼搏,人直入,取狼首;狼反扑,人奋勇,取要害,以毙之” 。
  5. Straight fighting : when you fight with the opposing party , you take the principle of " straight fighting without blocking " , through cutting , beating , slaming and a running fire , and then arrive at the vitals of body

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