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  • stone:    n. 1.石,石头,铺石,石料。 2 ...
  • machine:    n. 1.机(器),机械;机关,机构 ...
  • stoning:    抛石护坡; 去核; 石刑; 碎石地过 ...
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  1. Investigation on the occupational hazard in stone machining industry
  2. The graphics - programming system of nc stone machine based on object - oriented
  3. The author have a quadratic development accordiny to the basically features of stone machined and industry used if autocad
  4. Located in the eastern suburb of yunfu municipality , yunfu ke te stone machine factory professionally makes equipments for stone processing
  5. Shanghai qianyu diamond tools co . , ltd . is a manufacture enterprise , serving for a lot of stone enterprises by supply all kinds of products , such as stone tools , stone machine fittings and so on

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