station to station meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "station to station" in a sentence
  • 站到站站到站
  • 站对站
  • station:    n. 1. 站,台,车站;航空站,机 ...
  • a station:    发射台a
  • at station:    火车站交货; 在车站交货, 车站交货 ...
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  1. Clerks passed the work from station to station
  2. Could you please tell me what kind call would like : a person to person or station to station call , sir / madam
  3. In the research of secure communication , the thesis analyzes some shortcomings of diffie - hellman ' s crypt key exchanging protocol , presenting a new exchanging method based on the " station to station " protocol and cookie mechanism , realizing the software of crypt key exchanging and secure communication of ip datagram on router
    在对安全通信的研究中,本文分析了diffie - hellman密钥交换协议中易受攻击的地方,提出了基于端对端协议及cookie机制的密钥交换新方法,并在路由器上实现了密钥交换和ip报文的安全通信。

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