square mesh meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "square mesh" in a sentence
  • 方网眼
  • 正方网格
  • square:    n. 1.正方形,四方块,四角;方形 ...
  • mesh:    n. 1.网眼;筛孔;〔pl.〕网, ...
  • galvanized square mesh:    镀锌方眼网


  1. Galvanized square mesh anping no . 9 wire mesh factory
  2. Galvanized square mesh product name : square wire mesh
  3. Selective experiments of square mesh cod - end of bottom trawl in south china sea
  4. Galvanized square mesh
  5. We are hebei anping xinzheng woven - welded wire mesh factory , we mainly produce all kinds of metal woven mesh such as welded mesh , hexagonal mesh and square mesh etc . the specifications is complete and the quality is super . the registered brand " hanzhi " has a high reputation in the circles of wire and mesh . our goods are well sold on the overseas markets such as america , german , south korea and more than 20 other countries and districts

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