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  • 特殊能力
  • specific:    adj. 1.特殊的;特有的;特定的 ...
  • ability:    n. 能,能力,本领,技能;〔pl. ...
  • specific combining ability:    特殊结合力; 特殊配合刀; 特殊配合 ...
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  1. A successful attack deals temporary ability damage against a specific ability score of the defender
  2. A successful attack with a mind - blade so imbedded overrides the specific ability damage normally dealt and instead deals temporary constitution damage
  3. Glial cell line - derived neurotrophic factor ( gdnf ) was originally isolated based on its potent and specific ability to promote the survival and morphological differentiation of dopaminergic neurons and motoneurons in embryonic midbrain cultures . in addition , gdnf also support the survival and regulate the differentiation of many peripheral neurons , including sympathetic , parasympathetic , sensory and enteric neurons . gdnf also plays a crucial role outside the nervous system , as a morphogenetic factor in kidney development and as a regulator of spermatogonia differentiation
    Gfr 1与gdnf结合位点的研究胶质细胞源性神经营养因子( gdnf )对多巴胺能神经元、运动神经元、感觉神经元、肠道神经元等多种神经元具有促进存活及保护作用,它还能促进肾脏的发育和精原细胞的成熟,因此,极有希望用于治疗神经损伤和神经系统退行性病变。
  4. With the aim of realizing this end , and in regard to the cultivation of every specific ability of self - study ( such as reading ability , the ability of solving practical problems , active probing ability and the ability of investigation and research . ) the author points out the curriculum instruction achieves the end of cultivating students " ability of self - study in the following four methods . 1
    为实现这一目的,针对每一个具体自学能力的培养(阅读能力、解决实际问题能力、主动探究能力、调查研究能力) ,提出:课内教学主要通过以下四种方法来培养学生的自学能力: 1 、自问; 2 、自学; 3 、自练; 4 、自用:课外通过学生有目的的动手操作活动来培养学生的自学能力,活动的环节为:猜想? ?验证? ?证明? ?结论? ?应用。
  5. During research , according to different reading aims , reading skill can be decomposed into five specific abilities , including searching for browsing reading skill , learning inquiring reading skill , appreciating and evaluating reading skill ; creating and applying reading skill , recreational pastimes reading skill

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