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  • 间隔磁道
  • 间隔道
  • spacing:    n. 1.(留)间隔,间距。 2.【 ...
  • track:    n. 1.轨迹,轮迹,航迹,痕迹;〔 ...
  • track spacing:    磁道间距; 磁迹空隙; 航路间隔; ...
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  1. Now it is an ideal space tracking station
  2. The field bus technique and its application in the field of space tracking and control
  3. An application of spread spectrum technology in deep space tracking telemetering amp; amp; control tt amp; amp; c system
  4. Tracking of the target satellite was managed from a large team at the xian chinese space tracking control center
  5. For table space tracking , a flag for each table space indicates whether a table space is dirty and need to be back up

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