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[ sʌm, səm, sm ] Pronunciation:   "some" in a sentence   "some" meaning
  • adj.
    〔和表示否定、疑问的 any 对应的肯定词〕
    1.(a) 〔用于单数普通名词前〕(有)一个(人、物、时间)。 He went to some place in Africa. 他到非洲一个地方去了。 S- fool or other has broken it. 是一个蠢家伙把它弄坏了。 We must find some way out of it. 得想一个方法逃脱才行。 ★ some 是指完全不知道的事物而言, a certain 则是在知道而故+More...
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  1. Some of the days i will clean the house for him .
  2. I must keep to myself, at least for some time .
  3. Open the window and let in some fresh air .
  4. The change of scene will do her some good .
  5. The girl looked at it with some disdain .

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