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[ səu; sə ] Pronunciation:   "so" in a sentence   "so" meaning
1.〔表示方式、方法、情况等〕那么,那样;这么,这样。 You will never do it so. 你那样做不行。 They may do so, if they please. 随他们的便。 Hold the knife so. 这样持刀。 He is not a child and should not be treated so. 他不是小孩,不要这样对待。
2.〔表示程度〕到那个程度,那样,那么。 Why are you panting +More...
  • and so:    所以,因此;同样; 同样地, 因而, ...
  • and so on:    等待着; 等等(表示列举未尽); 以 ...
  • as… so:    结构常用来表示比例或者关系,意为“正 ...
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  1. So the days passed in spring and summer .
  2. The drawer is so tight that i can't open it .
  3. I do not relish having to get up so early .
  4. He scares people away by being so brash .
  5. She was so impersonal in her attitude .

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