situated in the middle meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "situated in the middle" in a sentence
  • 这画挂得不正
  • situated:    adj. 1.位于…的,坐落在…的 ...
  • middle:    n. 1.中央,正中;中间,中部;中 ...
  • be situated:    位於
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  1. Our hotel was situated in the middle of the city
  2. Our company is located in wuhan , hubei province , which is situated in the middle of 9 provinces with the most convenient traffic
  3. The taal volcano is the smallest in the world and is situated in the middle of a lake in batangas 60 kilometers south of manila
  4. Wuhan , ( which is ) a metropolis situated in the middle reaches of the yangtze river , is the political , economic and cultural center of hubei province
  5. Laurel forest covers some 70 % of this park , situated in the middle of the island of la gomera in the canary islands archipelago
    加拉霍艾国家公园位于加那利群岛的拉戈梅岛中心,该国家公园中70 %的面积覆盖着月桂林森林。

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