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  • 情境认知
  • be situated:    位於
  • situated:    adj. 1.位于…的,坐落在…的 ...
  • cognition:    n. 认识;认识力;(在认识过程中形 ...
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  1. situated cognition and learning described the activities based situation, legitimate peripheral participation and communities of practice
  2. based on situated cognition and learning, the author and researchers and teachers in the practice design the exemplary applications-project-based inquiry learning on the web site and activities
  3. according as the viewpoint of situated cognition and constructivism about knowledge and learning, it discusses and expounds emphatically operational principle, teaching design and teaching pattern of situated teaching and so on
  4. based on " situated cognition ", this paper gives designs for extracurricular english activities and also points out the necessity of autonomous e-learning and participating in english activities
  5. chapter two gives an introduction of the research and practice of the two advanced and universally-accepted international teaching models, that is anchored instruction and cognitive apprenticeship, on the basis of the perspective of the situated cognition and learning

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