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  • 司各脱爵士
  • 瓦尔特.司各特
  • 沃尔特
  • sir:    n. 先生,阁下,君。 1.〔一般对 ...
  • walter:    n. 1.沃尔特〔姓氏,男子名〕。 ...
  • scott:    n. 1.斯科特(司各脱)〔姓氏,男 ...
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  1. Sir walter scott was a famous british writer
  2. Sir walter scott was a famous british writer
  3. What do you think sir walter scott was talking about
  4. “ so faithful in love , and so dauntless in war , / there never was knight like the young lochinvar ” ( sir walter scott )
    “对爱情如此忠诚,对战斗如此无惧, /没有一个骑士能象年轻的洛秦瓦那样” (沃尔特?斯科特伯爵) 。
  5. Sir walter scott was riding one day in the neighbourhood of abbotsford , his residence ; be came to a field - gate through which he wanted to pass and which an irish beggar , who happened to be near , hastened to open for him

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