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  • 雷利牌烟草
  • 沃尔特罗利爵士
  • sir:    n. 先生,阁下,君。 1.〔一般对 ...
  • walter:    n. 1.沃尔特〔姓氏,男子名〕。 ...
  • raleigh:    n. 罗利〔美国北卡罗来纳州首府〕。 ...
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  1. Tourist1 : er . . . wasn ' t sir walter raleigh imprisoned here
    游客一:嗯… …华特?雨莱爵士是不是被监禁在此?
  2. Sir walter raleigh
  3. Sir walter raleigh : we have many weaknesses ; we feel too much , we die , but we do have the chance of love
  4. Sir walter raleigh , when they arrested him , had half a million francs on his back including a pair of fancy stays
  5. Sir walter raleigh visited the famous pitch lake of trinidad in 1595 ; it is said to contain nine thousand million tons of asphalt

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