sir can you help me meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "sir can you help me" in a sentence
  • "先生,能帮帮我么
  • sir:    n. 先生,阁下,君。 1.〔一般对 ...
  • can:    n. 1.〔美国〕罐头,听头(=〔英 ...
  • you:    pron. 〔sing., pl.〕 ...
  • help:    vt. (helped, 〔古语〕 ...
  • me:    pron. 1.〔I 的宾格〕我〔把 ...
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  1. She calls out for the man on the street , sir can you help me
    (她对着街上的男士说,先生你可以帮帮我么? )

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