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  • 贝迪维尔爵士
  • sir:    n. 先生,阁下,君。 1.〔一般对 ...
  • bedivere sir:    贝迪维尔爵士
  • no sir:    (不):最好少说,当然指挥官发出的命 ...
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  1. Sir bedivere returned to king arthur
  2. The boat moved away slowly . sir bedivere watched the boat on the lake until it disappeared
  3. “ put me in the boat . ” said arthur . sir bedivere obeyed and said , “ what can i do without you , my king
    “把我放在船上吧。 ”亚瑟王说。贝德维尔爵士照办了,说: “没有了您,我该怎么办呢我的国王? ”
  4. There was a long terrible battle . only king arthur and sir bedivere remained alive . sir gawain died in arthur ' s arms . the king buried him in dover castle

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