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  1. Holder for ball silde die sets for press tools - punch holder for back pillar sets
  2. Holder for ball silde die sets for press tools - punch holder for center pillar sets
  3. Landslide is a geological hazard with serious losses . it is very important to research the controling methods . slide - resistant pile , which has many advantages such as high adaptability , little interference to landslide and geological environment , short construction time , high silde resistance , is a main method to control landslide . pneumatic down - the - hole hammer is a drilling method with many advantages . its features , such as wide application range , high hole quality , no circulating medium , low operation regulations , and drilling big diameter rock hole , fit to construct slide - resistant pile . according to the requirement of silde - resistant pile construction , this paper analyses feasibility that pneumatic dth hammer drilling applies to construct slide - resistant pile on the basis of introducing the features of pneumatic dth hammer . then an applied example is given

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