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[ 'ʃʌvl ] Pronunciation:   "shovel" in a sentence   "shovel" meaning
  • n.
    铲,铁锨,(舀糖用的)杓子 (=shovel hat)。vt.
    (-l(l)-) 拿铲子铲,拿杓子舀。vi.
    用铲子工作。 shovel food into one's mouth = shovel up [down] food 大口大口吃。 shovel up [in] money 大大赚钱。
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  1. They shoveled a path through the snow .
  2. Ruggam felled him with his shovel .
  3. The laborers had not appeared to shovel it .
  4. Shovel the pavement clear of snow .
  5. I believe you have forgotten how to shovel right .

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